Forty Hills Forge

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Forty Hills is named after our unique geological area which was heavily glaciated creating a beautifully hilly area in the middle of Carrick Township.  This does create some difficulties for growing, as we are essentially on top of a giant pile of gravel!

Brian and Sharilyn first purchased this unique property in 2013 and have been developing it ever since.  No gardens were present, just a horse paddock full of thistles taller than we were!  With a passion for edible gardening and a quest to become as self-sufficient as possible, we’ve been working ever since.  It has been a joy to introduce a variety of fruit and nut trees, shrubs, and perennial vegetables to the property and watch them thrive.  We are excited to say we now grow the majority of the food we consume.  We would love to share our passion with you as well as any tips and tricks we’ve learned along the way!  With rising food costs and unstable futures, growing your own food has become more important than ever!

Come explore this unique property in the ‘Forty Hills of Carrick Township’.  Growing edibles can be so much more than long repetitive rows!  See what we mean as you walk under the ‘tunnel of deliciousness’, sit under the grape arbour and feel the thyme pathway under your feet.  Our orchard includes unique varieties such as Asian pear, damson, frost peach, green gauge, and mirabelle. Other perennial fruits and nuts such as kiwi, cranberry, saskatoon, hazelnut, choke cherry, chestnut, haskup and more.  Each year we try to grow something new!  You may see quinoa, rice, barley, ground cherries and mushrooms!  Be sure to check out the greenhouse, the animals, the stone bread oven and take a peek into the blacksmith shop while you are here!

We prefer if you call to arrange a tour time as we do work outside the home.  Plant and produce sales when available.  A suggested donation of $10/person goes towards garden maintenance is appreciated for the tours.



Owners: Brian and Sharilyn

Address: Forty Hills Forge, 265 Bruce Road 6E (between Neustadt and Mildmay)

Contact to arrange tours

Phone: 519-367-2664


Suggested donation: $5/p


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