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Hours: Daily 9-5 • May-Thanksgiving

Garden Artwork
Meandering pathways

Our gardens are a reflection of three very different personalities and interests. Brenda, John and Judy share a common passion for growing plants, learning constantly, and sharing our beautiful piece of property with as many people as possible.

With its beginnings as a market garden, in beautiful ‘downtown’ Red Bay, Earthbound has evolved into a labyrinth of pathways leading you through the various garden rooms in our 5-acre garden. Visit the butterfly garden and relax on the bench to watch them drift by. Sit by one of the still ponds and count frogs and dragonflies (Earthbound Pond is home to a rare species of blue frogs). Feast your eyes on the colourful daylily garden and row propagating bed and choose your favourite bloom. You might even be tempted to pinch a tasty treat from our raised bed vegetable garden.

Daylily Bed
Daylily beds

Along with the privilege of living on a World UNESCO Bio-sphere reserve comes the responsibility of gardening in a sustainable and respectful manner. Earthbound Gardens utilizes practices such as xeriscaping, organic pest management and soil development. Talk to John about his obsession with building healthy soil! Judy is our resident Native Plant enthusiast, Susan is our Monarch expert, and Brenda loves funky ornamental shrubs and small trees and the birds they attract.

Our greenhouses are always open for you to stroll through – the Lily House is a sight to behold at its peak in early July! Even our back row field is available for you to visit. Here we grow fresh produce, experiment with different gardening methods and propagate row after row of daylilies, with emphasis on Canadian hybridizers (not available commercially).

Garden Party
Garden concerts and events

Sundays at Earthbound are our favourite days! We invite you to join one of our morning wellness classes in July, and then stay for our afternoon concert. Concerts are held in the cool shade of the front garden every Sunday afternoon in July and August between 2pm – 4pm.

We can’t wait to see you!

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For a virtual taste of the sights and events of Earth Bound Gardens, enjoy this!

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Owners: Brenda Sutherland, John Close and Judy Larkin