Rural Gardens of Grey and Bruce (RGGB) is an organization which invites gardeners of Grey and Bruce Counties to share their expertise and enthusiasm for gardening by opening their gardens to visitors. Our organization meets twice a year, publishes an annual brochure and maintains this website,, which features information about all the gardens. New members are always welcome.

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Vision of RGGB

To share the rare and diverse garden experiences of Grey and Bruce Counties.

Mission Statement

We build and promote a network of gardeners committed to sharing knowledge and enjoyment of gardening through Grey and Bruce Counties.

Membership Guidelines

We invite members to select one of the following categories for their gardens. Membership fees are based on this choice, however, any RGGB members who have an HST registration pay a membership of $100, regardless of the size of their gardens. These members might offer a retail outlet, a Bed and Breakfast, production and/or sale of goods and plants, gardening and landscaping or other services, etc. In the membership form these members can still indicate the size of their gardens by circling the letter of the appropriate category .

  1. Sharing Gardens
    • Small gardens up to a quarter of an acre or specialised plant collections (minimum 200 square feet).
    • Visitors by appointment or by chance
    • Liability coverage required
    • Donation for entry
    • Plant sales not advertised in brochure
    • Membership fee $25
  2. Viewing/Touring Gardens
    • Gardens up to one acre in size
    • Open at least one day a week for set hours as well as by appointment or by chance.
    • Guided tours of the garden provided by the gardener if requested.
    • Plant sales noted in brochure
    • Recommended $2 admission/donation
    • Liability coverage required
    • Washroom access recommended
    • Membership fee $50
  3. Key Gardens
    • Gardens of more than one acre in size
    • Open for set days and hours
    • Liability coverage
    • Washroom facility
    • Provision for group tours
    • Plant sales noted in brochure
    • Sale of garden products and/or garden related services available
    • Answering service for telephone enquiries
    • Admission fee/donation
    • Email access
    • Web page on the Rural Gardens website
    • Promotional materials for the garden (eg individual brochures)
    • Membership fee $100
  4. Associate Membership
    This category is available to persons or businesses who would like to support RGGB with their membership but who do not necessarily offer a garden visit experience. Associate Membership fee is $100.

Membership applications are available as a docx you can fill out electronically or print or a pdf you can print and fill out to mail in. For more information please contact Anne Bartlett,, (519) 369-1659.

RGGB Meetings

Annual meetings are the 3rd Wednesday in April and September, at 10:00 am followed by a potluck lunch and plant auction.

Spring meeting: April 15, 2020Coffin Ridge Boutique Winery
Fall meeting: September 23, 2020 – TBD

Membership fees are due at the Fall Meeting of each year.

Fall 2014 meeting and plant auction hosted by Bill and Dawn Loney of ‘Keppel Croft’:

RGGB Members at informal plant auction
Plant auction.
RGGB Members at 2014 fall meeting
RGGB Members at a garden potluck
Potluck in the garden

RGGB Brochure

2012 Brochure
2012 Brochure Cover

The deadline for inclusion in the upcoming season’s brochure is November of the previous year. Our annual brochure is published in early winter and lists all the gardens with a description, hours, services and contact information. Over 35,000 copies are circulated throughout southwestern Ontario. Membership fees provide the majority of the funding for the brochure. If you wish to join RGGB after the brochure deadline your garden is still listed on our Website so visitors can get information about your garden there.

RGGB Website

Your garden information will be listed on this website –

The cost for inclusion on the RGGB website is part of your membership fee. Your own website can be linked to our website in your garden description.


Roadside signage for Member Gardens.
Roadside signage for Member Gardens.

RGGB signs are available for posting at the entrance to your garden. The wooden hand painted (16″ x 16″) two sided sign costs $25. A laminated poster is included in the membership fee.

We are always delighted to welcome new gardeners to Rural Gardens of Grey and Bruce (RGGB). If you need any further information, contact Anne Bartlett,, (519) 369-1659.

RGGB Officers

President:Brenda 372-7187
Vice-president/Membership:Anne 369-1659
Secretary:Barbara 986-3516
Treasurer:Marilyn 794-0945
Founding President:Dawn 534-1090

Advertise with us!

Our 30,000+ full colour annual brochures are distributed throughout south-western Ontario (the brochure is also available digitally as a pdf). The brochure lists each of the gardens and locates them on a map of the counties. Special focus advertisers are also listed and located on the physical map as well as on our website. If you’re interested in advertising with us, please take a look at our panel ads or our line ads, of contact Brenda Sutherland,, for more information.